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Manchester United – Tottenham: New Stage of the English League

The match between “Manchester” and “Tottenham” will be the last competition of the third round. It should be noted that this match will be of crucial importance. So, “United” was beaten by “Brighton”: the main ukraine premier league fixtures reason for such a loss was quite an unsuccessful playing of the defense.

“Tottenham” is also in an interesting situation. For instance, the club representatives haven’t taken advantage of the opportunity to make transfers, so the coach has to win without buying new football players. Even in such a case, the team shows quite good results. Besides, new Harry Kane’s manner of playing is very interesting. He played over ten matches without shooting goals but the player’s shape is improving significantly at the moment.

“Manchester” can count on the Matic’s participation in the game. He’s taking part in main trainings and perhaps, will play the match. The squad of “Tottenham” may miss Lloris, which is caused by the incident of drunk driving. The most logical substitutor of the player is Michel Vorm.

You can watch the competition directly on the user-friendly online platform: here, fans can see soccer scores of an important match.

Features of the Match

All the fans are looking forward to the upcoming match that promises to be very eventful and striking. The forthcoming confrontation is distinguished by the following factors:

Almost equal competitors’ skills. So, “Manchester” succeeded at the home matches of the English Championship. “Tottenham” shooting, at least, 3 goals in 3 matches in a row shows good results too.
Almost the same problems with the squad. So, some meaningful players are questionable, which can have a great impact on the match outcome.
Coaches have given their views on the match outcome. So, Mourinho noted that, before the match, he was in good spirit, unlike the representatives of mass media who attribute insignificant problems to the club.
Pochettino noted that “Manchester” and “Tottenham’s” states are almost equal. Besides, he told about great pressure that’s getting heavier with every new game.

The fans of the English Premier League can watch future rounds on the user-friendly site that broadcasts significant soccer suits.

10  июня  в  воскресенье  состоится  очередной  открытый  чемпионат  Днепропетровской  области  по  спортивному  и  традиционному  ушу.

Чемпионат  проводится  в  рамках  программы  подготовки  к  Всеукраинским  соревнованиям  по  ушу  (таолу)  на  Кубок  Азовского  моря  среди  взрослых  и  юниоров 16-17  июня  (Бердянск),  Кубку  Украины  по  ушу  в  сентябре (Запорожье),  Чемпионату  Украины  по  традиционному  ушу  в  Одессе  28-30  сентября.

Показательные  выступления  сборной  команды  Днепропетровской  Федерации традиционного  ушу.

Начало Чемпионата  в  10.00.  Место  проведения  спортзал  школы  №13.

Мы  Вас  приглашаем!

В  субботу  5.05.2012  года  в   14.00,
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Семинар проводилПереберин Александр.

В программе семинара: изучение формы, разбор нюансов, применение

В разделе «Галерея» — «Видео» — «Спортивное ушу» добавлено 32 формы Чу цзи — цзянь (прямой меч).